What was it that made you fall in love with Japan?

  1. kinky-pop-in-the-rainの回答: Everything! ^w^
  2. swissconnectionsの回答: Namie Amuro
  3. yemonの回答: Bushido
  4. childspitの回答: their music
  5. dr-akulaの回答: howls moving castle
  6. wawadioのコメント: Climbing Fuji-san, attending Fuji Rock, getting to know a culture in which I always felt welcomed.
  7. novanicaの回答: music,fashion, culture, everything just falls into place
  8. auto--reverseの回答: Music, art, culture, langage and ohh Hiro Mizushima!! xD
  9. lakadazikalのコメント: The beauty of their nature, arcutecrure of their old houses/buildings and the beautiful people :p
  10. doujinsの回答: ghibli, pokemon, cardcaptors. But now it’s all about the culture, the food and the fashion!
  11. endlessteatimeの回答: I think it was an episode of Barney the Dinosaur in which a Japanese lady told the children about Japan. Yes, I think that was the trigger.
  12. hairsprayqueen-xのコメント: The fashion and the culture :)
  13. taeminahの回答: Being 9 years old, watching Inuyasha, and reading Tokyo Mew Mew.
  14. powerviolentの回答: manga & the arts
  15. karamelcakeの回答: Anime, manga, fashion, candy, food and music ^.^
  16. arugureiの回答: culture~
  17. amai-mirukuの回答: i love everything, but mainly cosplaying and kawaii things :3
  18. meltedddの回答: everything
  19. luxurylapsのコメント: anime & manga but also the culture
  20. purorumの回答: the language and the people ; v ;
  21. minkjiの回答: mostly the language, culture and fashion ^-^
  22. stretchyourfaceの回答: the fashion
  23. creamheavenのコメント: anime, japanese language and street style etc c:
  24. backinblackandredの回答: everything~
  25. peckiiiの回答: The art :)
  26. gyakuj0uの回答: The fashion, Tokyo, lolita stuff, the music too…many things :3
  27. kirakirafishの回答: language & fashion n__n
  28. black-akaの回答: the language, food and MANGAs, Animes + games! also fashion and music! °w°)
  29. hyolloweenの回答: freedom in pop culture to express oneself, namely in fashion :D
  30. sailorghibliの回答: studio ghibli. and Harajuku :3
  31. korean-gentlemenの回答: lolita-fashion
  32. shamanicmaniacの回答: ganguro
  33. lifeofaseamonsterの回答: the Hetalia character or the country?
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